Simple Harmony's Hive Tool


Our hive tool is like a second pair of hands!


Our new patent pending hive tool is designed to work in conjunction with your flat hive tool. The tool is made of 100% HDPE and is secured to a heavy duty carabiner by a length of 550 parachute cord, insuring years of reliable service.

Some of it's uses include:

  -When separating boxes, use the Simple Harmony Farms hive tool to keep one corner of the boxes apart while you use a flat tool to pry  the other corner.

  -Use the Simple Harmony Farms hive tool to hold boxes apart when smoking the hive.

  -The Simple Harmony Farms hive tool holds boxes apart when you need to us a flat tool to separate individual frames held together with burr/bridge comb.

  - The Simple Harmony Farms hive tool will keep boxes apart to make the removal of a box easier. Using the tool to hold the boxes apart,  you can grasp both sides of the box at once. Since the tool is attached to you by the carabiner, you can walk off and not worry about losing your hive tool. It will be right at your side and ready to work the next hive.

The price includes shipping.